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bruciato magnum tenuta bolgheri superiore doc red wine guado al tasso 2016 Tuscany

bruciato magnum tenuta guado al tasso bolgheri 2016

 bruciato magnum guado al tasso bolgheri  2016. Alcohol content 14% vol. Grape varieties: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 15% Syrah. It ages about 8 months in barriques and 4 months in bottle. Dark ruby red colour. It has floral scents of rose, violet, notes of red berries, eucalyptus, spicy notes of vanilla. On the palate it is rich, with good structure and mouth-filling tannins. Long and rewarding finish. To be matched with lamb cooked with aromatic herbs.

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bruciato magnum tenuta bolgheri superiore doc red wine guado al tasso 2014 Tuscany

bruciato magnum tenuta guado al tasso bolgheri 2014

bolgheri bruciato guado al tasso magnum 2014 Alcohol  content 13.5%. Combination OF the following grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon (50%), Merlot (30%), Syrah AND other red varieties (20%). The wine aged about 10 months IN oak barrels AND 4 months IN bottle. Beautiful deep ruby ??colour, shaded edge. Good density. Intense aromas OF cherry, blackberry, raspberry, rose, balsamic hints OF eucalyptus, cedarwood, hints OF violet. IN the mouth it IS well structured WITH soft tannins, fresh-tasting, very good intensi More Info...


corte manara magnum amarone valpolicella doc red wine manara 2009 Veneto


postera magnum amarone valpolicella doc red wine manara 2006 Veneto

amarone valpolicella magnum postera manara 2006

magnum amarone valpolicella postera 2006. Alcohol content 15% vol. Made from 80% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, Dindarello, Croatina and 10% Molinara grapes. After careful selection, the grapes are dried for three months in fruit rooms. After fermentation, the wine is aged for 12/18 months in barriques, then in steel vats for 24 months and finally in the bottle for 6/12 months. Compact, ruby red colour with light and brilliant garnet shades. Very dense. Intense and pleasant scents in the nose: blueberries and raspberries macerated in alcohol, More Info...


millanni magnum toscano igt rosso red wine guicciardini strozzi 1999 Tuscany

millanni magnum guicciardini strozzi 1999

guicciardini strozzi millanni magnum 1999 Alcohol content 13% vol. Made FROM 60% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon AND 10% Merlot grapes. Ageing IN 50% new barriques FOR 12 months AND 6 months IN the bottle. Concentrated red garnet colour, WITH SOME bright ruby highlights. Excellent consistency. ON the nose, very elegant notes OF cherry AND black cherry jam, dried wild rose, sweet spices, tobacco, rhubarb, quina, roasted coffee, slight dry vegetal touch. Pleasant taste, FULL-bodied, WITH fine AND perfectly balanced tannins. Great ether More Info...


postera magnum amarone valpolicella doc red wine manara 2001 Veneto

amarone valpolicella magnum postera manara 2001

magnum amarone valpolicella postera 2001 Alcohol content 15% vol. Made FROM the typical grapes OF the area: Corvina (70%), Rondinella (20%), Dindarello, Croatina, Molinara, Oseleta (10%). After harvesting, the grapes ARE dried IN the larder FOR 4 months. The long aging takes place IN barriques FOR 12/18 months , THEN IN steel FOR 24 months AND  IN glass FOR another 6/12 months. Beautiful weighty garnet red, WITH bright ruby hues ON the edges. Very intense aromas OF fruit jam (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry), prune, dried flowers, cinn More Info...


riserva ducale oro magnum chianti classico riserva docg red wine ruffino 1997 Tuscany

riserva ducale oro ruffino magnum 1997

ruffino riserva ducale oro magnum bottle 1997 Alcohol content 13.5% vol. Made FROM 85% Sangiovese AND 15% Colorino, Cabernet Sauvignon AND Merlot grapes. The wine aged 6 months IN barriques, 30 months IN large casks AND a few months IN bottle. Intense garnet red colour WITH ruby shades. Good texture. The wine develops a very diverse range OF aromas: black cherry AND ripe berries, violet, dried Parma violet AND rose, sweet spices. Tertiary aromas OF leather AND tobacco start TO develop IN the palate. FULL-bodied AND well balanced wine, W More Info...


Cervaro della Sala magnum Umbria igt red wine Antinori 2008 Umbria

cervaro della sala magnum antinori 2008

magnum cervaro della sala vino umbria igt Antinori 2008 Alcohol content 13% vol. Grape mix OF Chardonnay 85% AND Grechetto 15%. The wine matured FOR 16 months IN barriques AND IN bottle FOR 10 MORE months. Lovely sparkling golden colour. Complex AND aristocratic scents OF ripe plum, broom, citrus fruit, lily OF the valley, notes OF butter AND vanilla sugar, hazelnuts, exotic fruits AND aromatic herbs. Classy sip, perfectly balanced BETWEEN softness, acidity AND richness OF flavour. Very lingering finish WITH hints OF spices, fruit, More Info...


brunello montalcino magnum docg red wine castello banfi 1997 Tuscany

brunello montalcino magnum castello banfi 1997

magnum brunello montalcino castello banfi 1997

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vintage tunina magnum igt venezia giulia white wine jermann 2011 Friuli

vintage tunina magnum jermann 2016

vintage tunina magnum jermann  igt venezia giulia 2011 Alcohol degree 13.5% vol. Grape varieties: Sauvignon 40%, Chardonnay 40%, Malvasia Istriana 10%, Ribolla Gialla 5%, Picolit 5%. Grapes ARE harvested WITH a slight delay OF about 15 days. ONLY a small part OF the must IS fermented AND matured IN large barrels, while the larger mass IS ONLY kept IN steel casks. After this process, the wine IS aged IN the bottle FOR six months. IN the glass the colour IS intense straw yellow, WITH luminous gold highlights AND emeral More Info...


re manfredi magnum aglianico del vulture doc red wine terrre degli svevi, 2001 Basilicata

re manfredi magnum aglianico vulture terre degli svevi 2001

re manfredi magnum aglianico vulture terre degli svevi 2001 Alcohol content 13.5% vol. 100% Aglianico grapes. The wine aged IN barriques FOR 12 months AND a few months IN the bottle. Deep, clear garnet red colour. ON the nose, the wine offers a wide range OF scents: fruit jam, aromatic herbs, scrubland, spices, bitter cherries IN alcohol, clear mineral notes AND hints OF coffee AND rhubarb. The taste IS powerful, warm AND persistent, WITH perfectly balanced tannins AND acidity. The finish IS long, mineral A More Info...


le stanze magnum toscana igt rosso red wine poliziano 1998 Tuscany

Le stanze poliziano magnum 1998

Le stanze poliziano magnum 1998

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barthenau vigna s urbano pinot noir magnum Trentino doc red wine Hofst?tter 2009 South Tyrol

Barthenau vigna s urbano magnum pinot noir Hofst?tter 2009

 barthenau vigna s urbano pinot noir magnum Hofstätter 2009

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castelgiocondo magnum brunello montalcino red docg wine frescobaldi  1997 Tuscany


chianti classico magnum docg red wine castello ama 2006 Tuscany

chianti classico magnum castello di ama 2006

castello di ama chianti classico magnum  2006. Alcohol content 13%. Made FROM 80% Sangiovese AND 20% Merlot, Canaiolo, Malvasia Nera AND Cabernet grapes. The wine was aged FOR 12 months IN oak barrels OF which 20% were new. THEN it remained IN the bottle FOR a long TIME. Its colour IS  deep ruby/ garnet  red, very bright ON the rims. Intense nose WITH a beautiful complexity ranging FROM red fruit jam AND wild berries IN alcohol, red withered flowers, tobacco, sweet spices, topsoil. The palate IS round WITH silky tann More Info...


poggio rosso magnum chianti classico riserva docg red wine san felice 1997 Tuscany

poggio rosso magnum san felice 1997

poggio rosso magnum san felice 1997

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